Kalkan, the Hidden Gem on Turkey's Turquoise Coast

Nov 21, 2018

There’s a particular atmosphere in Kalkan that you really don’t get just anywhere. I’ve felt it, or something like it, in just a few other places I’ve been to. Perhaps not coincidentally, all have been little fishing towns, and most have been somewhere on or near the Mediterranean sea. Collioure, in the south of France has it. The narrow streets of Chania’s old town have it. Rose, a little fishing hamlet in Montenegro has it. Kalkan has it, and in spades.

 It’s a kind of low-key bustle... busy, but in a pleasant and manageable way. Sure there are lots of tourists about but in a place like Kalkan, it never feels like 'too much'. It hangs on to its laid-backness, its narrow little streets are always a pleasure to wander, it feels authentic and welcoming. It's one of my new favourite places. Here's how to get the very most out of it...