Registration Guidelines for Property Owners


 * How to register as a Member

Click Member Signup at the top right side of the homepage and complete the registration form.
It is important to select Member on the first line.
Once you have completed the form, press the 'Register' option.
A confirmation link will be emailed to you.  (Check your junk mail file as first time registrations may not be recognized and filed in your junk mail folder. )
Once you have confirmed the link you can sign in and start listing your property.
To access your account click on to Member login

* How to list your property

Sign into your account.

Select Listings from the menu on the left side of your screen.

Scroll down and select  Manage Listings 

Select add listing.(Green cross in a box)

When you have completed your property information click add listing at the bottom of the page to save your details.  You will see more options such as Add media (photographs),  Payment (price),  Availability  calendar etc.

* Jargon Explained

What is Title?
Title is your property name

What is multiple units/listing ?
If the property has multiple units (eg: two bedroom apartment, one bedroom apartment) you can choose Multiple units/listing

What is SEO search engine optimization ?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your property through organic search engine results.

Key Words
Help your listing advance to the forefront in the search engines; therefore, we highly recommend you enter six keywords when describing your property. 

What is other languages for ?
If you are targeting guests from other countries you can add descriptıonin other languages..

*How  to add photos

Select choose photos then select the photos you want to add. (you can select more than one photo to upload at the same time)
Make sure the pictures you will use are a maximum 2000 px x 2000 px.
Recommend  dimensions of the picture is 1024 px x 683 px.

What is Title ?
Title will apear on your  photo  (Eg: Villa Kalkan, Living room)

What Description?
Description of the photos  for  the search engines.  Description will not apear on the website  but it will be in the codes  for the search engines.

*How to add price (payment)

Select Payment on your Edit listing than rates.

Once you have filled in click to save or add rate at the bootom. Than rates caleander will apear at the bottom.
To add more price simply do the same progress.

How to edit price
Bottom of the rates(Payment) page you will find rates. Select the you want to edit, click on the pen icon to edit.

What is add ons ?
If  you  want to charge for extra things you can add it on to add ons section (Eg: Extra bed, cot, pool heating etc.)
What is discount ?
You can add discounts for ...

How to put booking on the calendar
Go to  Listing >  Manage listing  >  Availability  enter  the dates than select  Booked or Pending  than Update

Manage Bookings
Once you have entred your booking dates on the availability  calendar  you can enter the booking details  on Manage Booking section.

Manage Inquiries
You can reply to your Inquiries from this section.

*My account

You can change password , edit contact details or your profile from this section.
Packages & SMS not available.